Session One

Is Self-publishing Right for You? Do you have a following? Do you want more control? Do you write quickly? Do you write in an “unsellable” genre? Do you have lots of positive rejections? This overview of the self-publishing industry will cover Product, Price, Packaging, Placement, and Promotion. Presented by Colleen Gleason. LECTURE

Session Two

How Legacy Publishing Drove Me Crazy (and I Found Some Sanity as an Indie) – Personal author experience moving from traditional publishing to self-publishing – covering money, control, and more. Presented by Lev Raphael – LECTURE

Creating a Publishing Team – While you can try to do everything yourself, you might not have all the necessary skills or the time. Having a publishing team will get you the best results and will make the publishing process a lot easier. This means finding an excellent editor, a cover designer, book formatter, along with possibly a marketing expert or PR person. This will not only result in a quality book but it’ll allow you to focus on building your writing career and publishing company. Presented by Weam Namou – LECTURE

Keynote Speaker

Sylvia Hubbard – Why I’m a Self-Published Author

Sessions Three

Building an Indie Publishing Company – Branding an individual as a publisher so buyers can’t tell. Presented by Diana Kathryn Plopa. LECTURE

Self-publishing: The Numbers – Dive into the math of self-publishing, including costs, tracking sales revenue, prediction profit and loss, and other related finances. Attendees will gain access to a template that includes tables encompassing the aforementioned figures and functions. Presented by Mel Corrigan. LECTURE

Sessions Four

Publishing from Indie Author to International Distribution – How to navigate the indie publishing world to produce a paperback and ebook worthy of traditional publishing and setting up a path for international distribution and marketing. Presented by Sylvia Hubbard. LECTURE

Myths & Facts of Self-Publishing. Three panelists with diverse experience in the publishing world will host a Q&A session about being an indie author with a focus surrounding myths and facts of self-publishing. PANEL DISCUSSION with Diana Plopa, Weam Namou, and Mel Corrigan

In sessions with more than one option, attendees may choose the presentation which best fits their interests.

Please Note: All events take place Founders Ballrooms in the Oakland Center of Oakland University (2200 N Squirrel Road, Rochester, MI 48309). Use parking Lot 1 (P1) off Squirrel Road and walk east toward the building. The Oakland Center is positioned between the lots and the Clock Tower. Look for Bright Yellow Signs. The Oakland Center is #13 on the printable version Campus Map.

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