roch_writers_logo5.jpgLiterary Agent Panel – Meet the Agents: For writers, the decision to get an agent can be key. Agents bring a variety of specialized skills and knowledge to your publishing experience and will represent you throughout the sales process, during the contract negotiations with a publisher, and advocate for you at critical stages during the publication process. An introduction of the three agents in attendance at the conference. Lots of Q&A. Presented by Carrie Howland, and Cassie Mannes Murray, Moderated by Lisa Howard. PANEL DISCUSSION

How to ROCK on LinkedIn in 2019 and Beyond: LinkedIn is the #1 professional networking site and a place to establish your personal brand. Want to ROCK on LinkedIn? Bring your laptop and phone with the LinkedIn app to this hands-on workshop to learn:

  • Profile-building techniques to build your brand and optimize your LinkedIn presence
  • A highly effective technique that guarantees you’ll NEVA post a status update the same way again
  • Strategies to develop and expand your personal brand through LinkedIn
  • Tips for using LinkedIn for networking and business development

All attendees are encouraged to connect with Brenda: www.linkedin.com/in/brendameller. Presented by Brenda Meller. WORKSHOP

The Courage, Power, and Tools to Write: Get what you need to become the writer you’ve dreamed about – Writing at its best is a relationship. Two of the biggest stumbling blocks you’ll encounter as a writer, are having an incorrect focus, and lack of knowledge. In this session discover where your focus needs to be, so you can get where you want to go while gathering the tools to get the job done. It doesn’t matter what kind of writing you dream of doing, overcoming these two obstacles will give you the courage you need. Presented by Danielle Bernock. LECTURE

Traditional Publishing Panel – Magazines to Books: Q&A panel discussion about publishing articles for consumer, trade, and custom print magazines, as well taking the traditional book publishing path with a small print publisher. Presented by Theresa Falzone and Jennifer Baum, Moderated by Lisa Howard. PANEL DISCUSSION

Mystery Writing Essentials: What are four elements that every mystery needs? Veteran mystery author and former crime fiction reviewer for the Detroit Free Press Lev Raphael will explain those key aspects of a successful mystery. To help orient you, he’ll also discuss the differences between mysteries and thrillers, survey different types of mysteries, review the history of the genre, and offer advice for how to get started. Presented by Lev Raphael. LECTURE

The Independent Middle-Grade Author – Inspiration, conception, completion and distribution of independent middle-grade fiction: David will cover each step in the writing process starting with the initial idea. He will discuss where ideas come from, hooking the reader, story elements, roller coaster plots, exploring your senses, exceeding the national average and how to rock your school visits. Presented by David Stricklen. LECTURE

What is Your Brand Archetype? Whether you are a business owner, entrepreneur, author (or all three) branding is essential to your success. Emotional connection is at that heart of all really good brands, yet most people don’t even think about in their marketing. People remember how you make them feel long after they remember anything else about you. This is why all good branding needs to start with a single idea or emotion that permeates everything they do in marketing. Wouldn’t you like your brand to be universally understood, powerful, and evoke emotion? You can achieve this through a simple process call Brand Archetypes. Afternoon Featured Talk Presented by Amy Zander. LECTURE

Self-Publishing Panel: Q&A panel discussion to talk about the self-publishing path for authors. Presented by Danielle Bernock, Don Staley, and David Stricklen, Moderated by Sonya Julie. PANEL DISCUSSION

Turn that Book Up with Audio: An overview of the audiobook process including should an author go to audio,  the major players in audiobook production, exclusive or wide: why the ‘zon isn’t all that and an in depth discussion of hiring a narrator, self-narration, the various styles of casting and how it applies to your book and just about anything else that comes up in the Q & A portion. Resource handouts provided as part of this presentation. Presented by Kelly Rinne. LECTURE (offered twice)

The Importance of Blogging: Blogging not only makes you a better writer, but it positions you as an industry expert in your field and genre. It is a platform for you to provide the world with your knowledge, experiences and expertise that is unique to you.  If done correctly, blogging will boost your SEO and provide endless content for social media marketing and promotion. In this presentation you will learn how to easily create an ongoing list of blog topics, make a content calendar, and produce consistent, valuable, blog content on a regular basis in just a couple hours a week. Presented by Amy Zander. LECTURE

Don’t Send Your Query Letter in a Box of Doughnuts and Other Stories – Query Letter Do’s and Don’ts – How NOT to Become an Anecdote when Submitting Your Work to Agents: In this query letter and pitch-focused workshop, we’ll explore all the ways, good and bad, authors can get noticed by agents. From pitching an agent in the restroom at a conference (don’t) to having a great elevator pitch (do) we’ll give you all the secrets to a stellar submission that will have agents talking … in a good way. Presented by Carrie Howland, and Cassie Mannes Murray. LECTURE

The Mental Game of Writing a Book – Getting Started, Sticking With it and Getting it Done: Develop the drive, motivation and overcome the obstacles and fears which are holding you back from getting your book done. This session is for aspiring authors who are struggling to get their book started, having trouble sticking with it or continues to stall short of getting it done. Does writing your book seem like an overwhelming and impossible undertaking? Do you procrastinate? As tough as it seems to write a book it really is a lot easier than you think. Once you master your mental game writing a book is as easy as brushing your teeth. If you can remember, worry and tie your shoes you can master and develop a powerful mindset to finally write your book and get it done. Presented by Don Staley. LECTURE

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Free Parking, All Day Refreshments, Morning Snacks, and Lunch are Included with Registration. Check-in will begin at 8:30 a.m. with the first session about 9:00 a.m. The conference will end by 5:00 p.m.

Attendees may bring a fully charged laptop or tablet. Although not necessary, a computer will enhance the experience with a hands-on feel. Use the hashtag: #RochesterWriters before, during and after the event in your posts, likes, and tweets.

Fresh hot coffee and tea available throughout the day. Light breakfast snacks and a full lunch included with registration. Please contact us if you have special dietary concerns. A charging station will be available for mobile devices in the registration area.

Attendees will be able to choose one presentation per session time at the conference. Schedule could change without notice – Rochester Writers reserves the right to add, subtract, or substitute any of the presentations and speakers. Thank you.

Please Note: All events take place in the Oakland Center of Oakland University (2200 N Squirrel Road, Rochester, MI 48309). Use parking lot 1 (P1) and walk East for the shortest distance into the Oakland Center. The Oakland Center is positioned between the parking lot and the Clock Tower. Look for Bright Yellow Signs. The Oakland Center is #13 on the Campus Map.