Registered attendees have the the option to add-on an one-on-one Author/Agent meeting. The appointments are 15 minutes and are $50.00. Click on the agent’s name for more information. Email rochesterwriters@gmail.com to set up a meeting.

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Literary Agents RWC 2018

Literary agents represent authors to publishers and one of the most important things they do is become an author’s advocate — before, during and after the sale of your book. They provide guidance and valuable advice because they are a wealth of knowledge. They can help to negotiate book deals and contracts and simplify the publishing process because they have excellent industry contacts and good working relationships.

Attending a writers’ conference is one of the best ways to initiate contact with a literary agent. Remember they represent authors, so who you are is just as important as what you write. Attending the conference demonstrates your willingness to grow as a writer and to network.

Time slots are first come. Authors will meet with agents for a 15-minute appointment throughout the day. Included with the meeting is a review of the first ten (10) pages of you manuscript (12pt/double spaced). Registered attendees may “add-on” this option for $50.00 in advance. Registered Attendees will Receive an Email with Add-on Details. Then the attendee will contact Rochester Writers to select an appointment time. Both morning and afternoon time slots will be available. Manuscript must be sent to rochesterwriters@gmail.com by October 14.However, you may schedule an appointment without those items to discuss your book idea.

Please Note: You MUST be a Registered Attendee, age 18 or older, to Add-On the Agent Appointment.

Carrie HowlandCarrie Howland joined Empire Literary as a Senior Agent after eleven years as an agent at Donadio & Olson, Inc. She represents adult literary and upmarket fiction, narrative non-fiction, young adult, and middle grade authors, as well as select picture book authors and illustrators. Carrie’s background is in poetry, so beautiful language is one of the first things she looks for in any project. Also important are a strong voice and great story, which she’s looking for across genres. Visit www.ECarrieHowland.com for more information.

Bethany Morehead

Bethany Morehead is a young, enthusiastic, award-winning author and Jr. Agent of Cyle Young at Hartline Literary Agency. She fell in love with writing at a young age, even plotting out stories on napkins and the corners of her notebooks in school. She enjoys both writing and reading fiction books, especially romance. Bethany, a child at heart who enjoys working with children, also has a heart for children’s literature and a soft spot for fairy tales. She manages her own blog on www.BethanyMorehead.com.

Hope BolingerHope Bolinger is a literary agent with Cyle Young Literary Elite. She is a professional writing major at Taylor University. Her YA novel Den was contracted by IlluminateYA while she was still in college (to be released June 3, 2019). More than 200 of her works have been featured in various publications. She is a multi-award winner from being a finalist in the Jerry B. Jenkins short story contest to her one-act earning second place in the Searchlight Playwriting Contest. She has served in various publishing capacities from working at newspapers, magazines, and publishing houses.

Alyssa RoatAlyssa Roat is a literary agent with Cyle Young Literary Elite. She is a professional writing major at Taylor University, the online editor for The Echo News, a freelance editor with Sherpa Editing Services, and a research assistant at Zondervan Library. She has also worked for Illuminate YA Publishing and Little Lamb Books. Dozens of her articles have been featured in various publications, and she has won several awards, including second place in the Jerry B. Jenkins short story contest, 1st place in the 2016 We the Students Essay Contest out of 20,000 entrants, and 1st place in the 2018 FOFG college division poetry contest. She can be found at www.alyssawrote.wordpress.com.