Meet the Agents: For writers, the decision to get an agent can be key. Agents bring a variety of specialized skills and knowledge to your publishing experience and will represent you throughout the sales process, during the contract negotiations with a publisher, and advocate for you at critical stages during the publication process. An introduction of the three agents in attendance at the conference. Lots of Q&A. Presented by Carrie Howland, Bethany Morehead, Hope Bolinger, and Alyssa Roat. PANEL DISCUSSION

Why Audio? Why Now? – Audio Book Publication: Audio books are the hottest new thing in the publishing industry. How does one find their narrator? What different options are available, what are the pros and cons, and what should be expected in turn around time and cost? Presented by Mackenzie Flohr. LECTURE

Freeing Your Personal Mythology – How to find material for essays and memoirs: In this workshop, we’ll examine the family stories, cultural mythology, and experiences that we all use to define ourselves. Like an archaeological dig, this process will help you discover a variety of new topics for your personal essays or memoirs – and give you a richer understanding of who you are. Presented by Cindy La Ferle. WORKSHOP


How to Produce a Podcast – A Step-by-Step Guide: A Live Podcast included with Author Interviews. Podcasting is a growing medium and a worthwhile marketing tool for writers. In this session, you will get an inside look at how podcast agency owner plans, produces and promotes a personal podcast. You’ll learn everything from how to prepare and record a show to how to distribute it on the web. Presented by Jeff Large. DEMONSTRATION

Instagram for the #Instaless: Instagram is the second largest social media app, and is actually foreign to many writers and those trying to build their platform. This class will offer a crash course on how to utilize Instagram in growing your platform, discussing the need for hashtags, how to take appealing, attention-grabbing photos, and take “your story” by storm. Presented by Bethany Morehead. LECTURE

Top 25 Publishing Trends: What do unicorns, graphic novels, and STEM have in common? They’re trending right now in the acquisitions world. Whether you’re a children’s book author or erring on the side of nonfiction, this class will cover what the top 25 publishing trends are right now in publishing. Presented by Hope Bolinger and Alyssa Roat. LECTURE


Author Readings – How to Prepare and Execute a Reading of Your Own Work: A panel of authors will discuss how to get ready to read, execute the reading, and conclude. Examples will be given. Q&A session. Presented by Lev Raphael, Zieva Konvisser, and Devon Drake. PANEL DISCUSSION

The Independent Middle-Grade Author – Inspiration, conception, completion and distribution of independent middle-grade fiction: David will cover each step in the writing process starting with the initial idea. He will discuss where ideas come from, hooking the reader, story elements, roller coaster plots, exploring your senses, exceeding the national average and how to rock your school visits. Presented by David Stricklen. LECTURE

Twitter for Writers: Having a presence on social media is key to an author’s success. Mackenzie discusses how going from having less than a 1,000 followers to over 4,000 in less than a month, helped bring on new exposure to her book and opportunities as an author. Presented by Mackenzie Flohr. LECTURE


Magazine Editors’ Panel: Meet editors who represent Michigan-based magazines. Learn what to pitch and not to pitch with your nonfiction article ideas. Writer guidelines and editorial calendars will be discussed. Lots of Q&A. Moderated by Michael Dwyer. Presented by Stephanie Steinberg (SEEN Magazine) and Howard Meyerson (Michigan BLUE Magazine). PANEL DISCUSSION

What’s My Genre? – An Overview of the Major Genres: Lev, author of multiple genres, will discuss how to identify, explore, and develop the genre or genres that are right for you. Presented by Lev Raphael. LECTURE

What to do BEFORE Publishing Your Book – Choosing Your Path: There is no meritocracy when it comes to pitching or selling a book. Learn the realities of the publishing industry and how to use them to your advantage. From polishing a manuscript to a book’s release, the workshop outlines a road map for both self- and traditional publishing. Path I highlights key tips for developing a high-quality, self-published book. Path II comprises critical elements for developing the perfect pitch and how to find an agent. Requirements specific to fiction and nonfiction are addressed in each path. Presented by Mel Corrigan. WORKSHOP

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Free Parking, All Day Refreshments, Morning Snacks, and Lunch are Included with Registration. Check-in will begin at 8:30 a.m. with the first session about 9:00 a.m. The conference will end by 5:00 p.m.

Attendees may bring a fully charged laptop or tablet. Although not necessary, a computer will enhance the experience with a hands-on feel. Use the hashtag: #RochesterWriters before, during and after the event in your posts, likes, and tweets.

Fresh hot coffee and tea available throughout the day. Light breakfast snacks and a full lunch included with registration. Please contact us if you have special dietary concerns. A charging station will be available for mobile devices in the registration area.

Attendees will be able to choose one presentation per session time at the conference. Schedule could change without notice – Rochester Writers reserves the right to add, subtract, or substitute any of the presentations and speakers. Thank you.

Please Note: All events take place in the Oakland Center of Oakland University (2200 N Squirrel Road, Rochester, MI 48309). Use parking lot 1 (P1) and walk East for the shortest distance into the Oakland Center. The Oakland Center is positioned between the parking lot and the Clock Tower. Look for Bright Yellow Signs. The Oakland Center is #13 on the Campus Map.